Year 6 Digiverse Greece

On Wednesday 9th January, we went into the Digiverse; it was really cool! First of all, we came into a departure lounge with comfy chairs and music playing. Then before we knew it, we were being whisked away into an aeroplane high up into the sky! I imagined I was the pilot exploring the sky with an amazing view of the sea. After a short journey, we landed in sunny Greece. With our senses sheet ready on our clipboards, we wrote down what we could see, hear, touch and feel. The views of sensational Santorini were incredible; I felt like I was actually in Greece! During our adventure, we explored hillsides, markets, beaches, quiet streets and busy market scenes. We used the scenery that we had been immersed in to help write our own setting descriptions. I can’t wait to go into the Digiverse again!