Year 5 Science and Sports Fest!

Year 5 Science

Last week, Year 5 investigated materials and their properties. We worked together to find out what happens when different substances are mixed with water, which materials are the most absorbent and how to separate solids from liquids, including those which have dissolved. We loved the different jobs we had each day and in our last lesson, we observed what happens to different materials when they are heated.


Year 5 Sports Fest 2019

On Friday 21st June, Year 5 pupils attended the annual Oasis Sports Fest. Organised by pupils at Oasis, our teams played an assortment of games such as football, netball, tug of war, ultimate Frisbee, bench ball and tag rugby. One highlight included an obstacle course, which certainly earned smiles all round!

Although no CVPS team won first place, all pupils took home a medal and displayed excellent sportsmanship. Well done Year 5!