Personal Development


At Chipstead Valley Primary School, we recognise that the primary years are a key time for children to develop their own identity and aspirations for the future. As well as academic development, it is essential that children are given opportunities, through the curriculum and beyond, for personal development. We understand the crucial role we play in helping children to prepare for their adult lives, so they can go on to engage positively in society. The opportunities we offer while at CVPS will impact upon their future, helping them to develop the Chipstead Valley Values we hold at school.

Through personal development opportunities at CVPS, we teach children how to navigate through life safely, happily and healthily. Children are growing up in a world that is constantly changing and it is the duty of school and parents to teach children transferable life skills. We teach children about the world around them, relationships, emotions, reproduction and health, as well as skills to help with life. We consistently promote the British values and our Valley Values.

Cultural capital is the accumulation of knowledge, behaviours and skills that a child can draw upon and which demonstrate their cultural awareness, knowledge and competence. It is a key ingredient for pupils to be successful in society, their career and the world of work. To ensure our children are provided with a range of opportunities, we have created ‘Our CVPS Bucket List’. By the end of leaving CVPS, each child will have been given the opportunity to experience everything on the list.