In line with the new National Curriculum, maths teaching at Chipstead Valley Primary School aims to develop children’s fluency, reasoning and problem solving. We follow a ‘Mastery’ approach, which gives all children the opportunity to deepen their mathematical understanding, make connections and reason maths through varied and stimulating lessons. Wherever possible, learning is linked to real-life contexts and consolidated through outdoor learning opportunities.

Lessons incorporate a range of mathematical representations, practical resources and opportunities for children to communicate mathematically when justifying, proving and explaining their thinking. In addition, children participate in regular investigations, to enable them to demonstrate deeper understanding of their mathematical knowledge and skills.

By the end of their primary years, our aim is for all of our children to be confident, able and curious mathematicians.


Calculation Policies

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PACE maths-LKS2-calculation-policy

PACE maths-UKS2-calculation-policy


Unlocking Maths

Please click on the link below the picture for a guide to mathematics at Chipstead Valley Primary School:

Unlocking Maths