Topics at a Glance

Our 2021-22 Curriculum

We divide our curriculum in to six topics across the year. Topics are cross-curricular, covering history, geography, science, RE, Spanish, DT, art, music, wellbeing and computing. Each half term, teachers prepare and send out a 'topic at a glance', which provides more detail about the topic, including which subjects and themes are taught.

Autumn Term 1 Topics 

Nursery Marvellous Me

Y1 Autumn 1 All About Me

Y2 Autumn 1 Fighting the flames

Y3 Autumn 1 Roaming Romans

Y4 Autumn 1 Terrifying Tudors

Y5 Autumn 1 Groovy Greeks

Y6 Autumn 1 WW2

Our 2020-21 Curriculum

Autumn Term 1 Topics 

(N) All About Me Planning 20-21

(R) Marvellous Me overview

(TH) Bears planning 20

(Y1) Roars, paws and animal claws

(Y2) Ocean Explorers

(Y3) Stones and Bones

(Y4) Terrible Tudors 2020

(Y5) Groovy Greeks

(Y6) Bombs Away


Autumn Term 2 Topics 

(N) Shapes and Patterns

(R) light and Dark

(Y1) Whatever the Weather

(Y2) Up in Flames

(Y3) Stones and Bones

(Y4) Terrible Tudors 2020

(Y5) Old School

(Y6) Coming to England


Spring Term 1 Topics 

(EYFS) Up Up and Away

(Y1) Out of this world!

(Y2) Science Pioneers

(Y3) The Vikings are Coming!

(Y4) African Adventure

(Y5) May the Force be with you

(Y6) USA - Batten Down the Hatches


Spring Term 2 Topics 

(Y1) Hidden Heroes

(Y2) Creepy Crawlies

(Y3) Country Vs City

(Y4) The Wonderful Water Cycle

(Y5) Living in a Material World!

(Y6) Sub Zero


Summer Term 1 Topics 

(Y1) Growing Together

(Y2) Land Ahoy!

(Y3) Where we live

(Y4) Walk Like an Egyptian

(Y5) Jungle Fever

(Y6) Early Islamic Civilisation