Topics at a Glance

Our 2023-24 Curriculum

We divide our curriculum in to six topics across the year. Topics are cross-curricular, covering history, geography, science, RE, Spanish, DT, art, music, wellbeing and computing. Each half term, teachers prepare and send out a 'topic at a glance', which provides more detail about the topic, including which subjects and themes are taught.



Autumn 1

Nursery Autumn 1 Marvellous Me!

Reception Autumn 1 All About Me

Y1 Autumn 1 All About Me

Y2 Autumn 1 Fighting the flames

Y3 Autumn 1 Roaming Romans

Y4 Autumn Term 1 and 2 Terrifying Tudors

Y5 Autumn 1 Groovy Greeks

Y6 Autumn 1 Early Islamic Civilisation


Autumn 2

Nursery Autumn 2 - Festivals and Food

Reception Autumn 2 Festivals and Food

Y1 Brilliant Britain

Y2 Autumn 2 Up in Flames NEW

Y3 Autumn 3 We are scientists

Y4 Autumn Term 1 and 2 Terrifying Tudors

Y5 Autumn 2 Viva Mexico

Y6 North America - Batten Down the Hatches


Spring 1

Nursery - 'Up Up and Away'

Reception Towers and Tiaras

Treehouse Changes

Y1 Material Madness

Y2 Location, Location, Location

Y3 Throught the Ages

Y4 - Egyptians

Y5 Earth and Space

Y6 - Bombs Away


Spring 2

Nursery Turrets and Tiaras

Reception Up, Up and Away

Y1 Seeds, Soil and Sunshine

Y2 Marvellous Mammals

Y3 Earthquake!

Y4 - Egyptians (Spring 1 & 2)

Y5 - Victorians

Y6 - Life after the war spring 2


Summer 1

Nursery Amazing Changes

Reception Amazing Changes

Y1 Hidden Heroes

Y2 Land Ahoy!

Y3 Early British Settlers

Y4 Eco Heroes

Y5 Triumphs of Civilisations

Y6 Our Industrial Roots