Week 4 – 27.04.20

This week, we have produced some videos to support our PowerPoints for each subject and a bonus storytelling video. Please remember to email your class teacher with your work each day and well done for all the excellent distance learning you have done so far!

Timetable for the week!

Please click the timetable below, which includes links to the relevant websites you will need to complete the EYFS distance learning this week.

Timetable for Week Beginning 27th April

Votes for Schools Votes for Schools – Week begining Monday 27th April 2020 – Key Stage 1


Click here to view overview video

English Powerpoint

English Extension Activity 1 Describing Materials

English Extension Activity 2- Postcard Template

English Extension Activity 3.docx

English Extension Activity 4-Character Description

English Extension Activity 5 Shopping list

Bonus story

Mrs Herrera reads one of her favourite stories click here to view video 


Click here to view video

Maths activity 1 – supertato facts

Maths activity 2 – Evil Pea Addition

Maths activity 3 -Potato Shape Repeated Pattern Prints

Linked to Maths activity 3

Maths activity 4 – Growing – 100 square count

Linked to Maths activity 4

Maths activity 5- Design a trap for evil pea

Linked to Maths activity 5

Maths Extension activity


Click here to view video

Topic – Activity 1 What Plants Need to Grow PowerPoint

Topic – Activity 1 Prompt Card grass head experiment

Topic – Activity 1 science growing grass head

Topic – Activity 2 jack-and-the-beanstalk-story-powerpoint

Topic – Activity 2 jacks-beanstalk-lifecycle-activity

Topic – Activity 3 Parts-Of-A-Plant-Powerpoint

Topic – Activity 3 putting-together-a-flower

Topic – Activity 4 Prompt Card two colour Daisy science experiment

Topic – Activity 4 two colour daisy science experiment

Topic – Activity 5 How-Humans-Change-as-They-Grow-Powerpoint-

Topic – activity 5 stages-of-growth-sequencing-activity

In music this week, please complete session 2 of the ‘Big Bear Funk’ unit which has been uploaded to your Charanga Yumu account. If you don’t have your log-in details, please email your class teacher.